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Wealth Creation Strategies

At Xantias we recognise that the development of wealth creation strategies is unique for each client. We take the time to understand your requirements, situation and aspirations. We draw on our broad range of 
financial services to ensure that the appropriate strategies are developed for you. This may involve the fusion of tax planning, investment strategy, 
superannuation strategy, finance structuring and cash flow planning.


Our broad infrastructure means that we are able to offer a full suite of financial services and develop comprehensive 
strategies in-house. Once the strategy is developed, Xantias adopts project 
management responsibility to ensure that the strategy is implemented in a 
timely manner.

Investment Advice

Xantias maintains a broad mandate when developing investment strategies for clients. Unlike many financial advisory firms, investment strategies are not constrained to a managed funds/shares paradigm. We actively seek out investment opportunities for clients in areas ranging from property investment and property development, as well as the more traditional areas of listed managed investments and direct equities.


Investment strategies are developed around the financial parameters of your lifestyle, objectives, capital and cash flow.

Taxation Advice

Xantias provides specialist tax services to assist you in making the most of your individual financial circumstances, now and into the future. Taxation planning is best considered in the context of your overall planning requirements, rather than in isolation from this. This ensures that your taxation strategy is developed as part of an overall wealth creation or wealth management approach.

Accounting and Compliance

Xantias provides comprehensive in-house accounting and compliance services, ranging from bookkeeping, to tax return preparation and lodgement to accounts preparation. The provision of a comprehensive range of services, which includes the preparation of tax returns, provides you with the benefit of coordinated financial management.


Income generated from superannuation funds is an integral part of most retirement and wealth management strategies. Unlike other financial structures, superannuation offers exclusive tax advantages. Xantias can quantify these tax benefits and how they may impact your investment over time.

Cash Flow Management

Effective wealth creation strategy can only occur where there is a proper understanding of cash flow. Cash flow is at the heart of all financial decisions. Detailed analysis of cash flow will identify areas of opportunity and weakness and represents the first step in developing effective wealth creation strategy.


Xantias provides specialist advice in assessing clients insurance needs. This includes advice on determining appropriate levels of insurance cover, advice on the most competitive insurance products and advice on the most tax-effective means of structuring insurance portfolios.


Xantias is able to refer clients with finance needs ranging from mortgage finance to motor vehicle and equipment finance. Xantias is able to save clients time by coordinating competitive finance solutions from a wide range of banks and lending institutions.

Estate Planning

Traditionally people place a lot of emphasis on the creation and maintenance of wealth, but often give little consideration to how that wealth will be distributed upon their death. Estate planning helps to ensure your assets will be managed and transferred according to your wishes in the most financially efficient and tax effective way possible. This also includes assets accumulated in a superannuation fund or held with a private company or Family Trust structure.


Xantias advisers are able to assist you with the development of an estate plan that achieves the outcomes that you seek for your family and your estate.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is one of the most significant financial events that will be addressed during your working life. It is imperative that your superannuation and retirement strategy is structured to deliver an appropriate level of income to meet your lifestyle requirements. Effective management and monitoring of your investment portfolio ensures the best possible outcome for meeting your long-term structural goals.


Xantias advisers have extensive experience in assisting clients to manage the transition from full time employment through to semi and full retirement.

Expatriate Services

Xantias offers a dedicated service to Australian expatriate executives and professionals. We are able to assist expatriate clients with a wide range of financial services from tax return preparation and lodgement to assistance with planning and investment needs.